The rate at which skilled candidates are leaving the country of South Africa to find jobs overseas is rising every day.

There are many reasons behind this brain drain in the country, some being the salary discrepancies between South African companies and overseas companies, other being the safety concerns that some individuals have for SA, whatever the reason might be, the problem remains.

The result of the brain drain in SA is that a lot of companies in search of skilled employees are not finding the right candidates for the job openings that they have, and this could result in a capacity and productivity problem for the company.

The telecoms sector is growing at a fast pace due to the increase in the popularity and the use of modern technology. There might be a rise in job openings for telecoms specialists because of the increased need for services from the telecoms industry, however, it can be hard to find the specialised telecoms employees for your company due to the increased brain drain that SA is facing daily.

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