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Best Telecom Job & Recruitment Companies- ChosenOnline.co.za

Our Core Values

Client Centricity

Best Telecom Job & Recruitment Companies- ChosenOnline.co.za


Our Mission is solving business challenges and career decisions through deep understanding , intelligent consulting , trust and delivering with integrity.

Best Telecom Job & Recruitment Companies- ChosenOnline.co.za


Our vision is to empower and leverage those on the best career and top talent chosen.

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About Us

Luisette Racquel Mullin

When I joined the recruitment Industry in 1996, I found my happy place. My first role was placing Engineers which I have a natural curiosity for.
When the convergence between Engineering and IT industries were born; the Telecoms Division was founded.

I had so much fun getting to know the technology world and witness great career success stories together with Companies who grew from good to great. My philosophy in running a business like my own always allowed me to reap the rewards of success and eventually the seed of CHOSEN was born. This was Inspired by a beautiful girl I met at our Global Conference, Chosen received its name.

Best Telecom Job & Recruitment Companies- ChosenOnline.co.za

Who we are?

We are a professional Headhunting firm with a passion for building companies with top talent whilst enhancing careers. We believe in using your natural talent and respect that placing people in the right company is an art.

We are grateful that we are truly blessed to be able to be part of fulfilling people’s dreams; whether you are building your dream team or need a career boost. 

Strategic Consulting, including business plan & sales strategy development.

Client Consulting, including recommendations on Job Profiling, Searching and recruiting specialised skills and talent; tailor made to Clients’ specific and unique needs. Candidate Consulting and interviewing, including career advice using a specific methodology which allows the candidate to be placed in the right career long term.

Founder of MPC model: “Why do Excellent Companies lose their top talent?”


Chosen talent

You are Chosen...


Chosen to believe

I am lucky and so are you


Chosen to believe

we all have unlimited power at our disposal


Chosen to

find your true calling


Chosen to

bond with your tribe


Chosen to

 inspire you making the world a better place


Chosen to

have Time and Money freedom


Chosen to

be Happy


Chosen to

Believe in You


Chosen to

be the best version of yourself